For All the “Kanyes” in this Age

Covenant Chimnonso
3 min readOct 28, 2019

So, Kanye is a Christian now. Deal with it.

As news rolls out daily of the new decisions “born again” Kanye West is making in his personal life and for his family, as part of the requirements of his newfound faith, many will sling stuff at him. In a world where subjective morality has become a thing and the mantra “live and let live” is only applicable for certain categories of people, Kanye West would be classified as delusional by many.

His actions, at best, are delusional, indeed, to those who do not understand, those who do not have the privilege of understanding. For this, Kanye would suffer a lot of backlashes. It will not matter whether his life is actually changing for good; it will not matter whether his view of the world is becoming better, inspired by his faith in Christ or his study of the world. Now, more than ever, press attention would be trained on Kanye because of his former reputation. Friends will depart from him, colleagues would keep their distance and partners challenges would be piled on top of the other.

Now, more than ever, there are hosts of witnesses counting the days until Kanye’s first slip, no matter how minor. They will be positioned here and there, ready to pounce on this vulnerable piece of meat for shouting at the top of his voice that he is now saved, a member of the body of Christ. Now, when he begins to denounce and reject lifestyles that used to be regular for him, friends and family would make snide remarks and social media warriors, the same ones that supposedly believe in freedom to be, will be all up in his face to judge his decisions.

In these times, Kanye would fight his greatest battle yet. This battle between what is right and what the people want. This battle that even Peter, the apostle, fought and lost; three times. This battle that many could not survive. Kanye, and many others in his shoes, would struggle with the reality of the decision and the impact of their faith declaration. In these times, the Kanyes of our time must give themselves wholly to these things:

1. Fellowship with the body. As much as the world will hate them for choosing a road less travelled, the Kanyes of this age will find comfort and brotherhood among the body. A local church plays a large part in helping to build the faith of the newly converted. So, the Kanyes must consider to dedicate themselves to a local body, where they will be helped to their feet and will feed on milk until they’re old enough to chew bones.

2. Study of the word. As newborn babes, Kanye West and all those who are in his shoes, must give themselves to consistent study of the word, taking time to ask questions within their local body, the body online and to ministers available around him. The constant study of the word will help build understanding and understanding will help charge faith. At times like this, faith is very essential to the Kanyes.

3. Constant commune with the one who judges justly. In prayer and worship, these people who have now believed and declared their surrender, must remain in communication with the one who judges them justly. At this stage, it is too easy to fall to guilt. But, instead of allowing guilt eating them up, the Kanyes of this age must confess their fears, doubts and sins to the one who judges them as he judges his own children.

The Kanyes of this world will not buckle under the weight of public opinion. They will not shift weight in their dire conditions. They will be rooted and grounded in the word. And they will do exploits.




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