How businesses can leverage our collective laziness

Covenant Chimnonso
2 min readJan 15, 2021

If the last three years have taught us anything, it is that we are collectively very lazy consumers.

In 2020, statements like “pay-on-delivery” and “delivery available” were the factors consumers used to decide whether to buy from one online vendor or the other. On Twitter conversations were widespread on the subject of stating the price of a product in a product post and saving everyone the stress of having to “DM for price”.

Vendors and business owners who listened and could adapt to these new demands, restructuring their businesses and social media strategy to address these needs, and bringing their businesses to meet the consumers at a point of consumer comfort, were the ones who won the attention of the consumers.

Strategists everywhere learned from this. The reality of how users behave in the dawn of a predominantly digital age unravelled to us an opportunity and everyone started making these slight changes to their operational plans to accommodate this market of consumers.

It is a weird thing to note, but consumers are lazy. With every generation, technology becomes more proliferate and humans become lazier. And this laziness cuts across everything from how we expect to receive content online to how we expect to do business…online.

As a result of this, you’d notice people leaving comments on a post on Instagram, asking for information that is obvious on the post; and you’d notice that many more consumers now prefer to conclude business without having to leave the page where they first saw the ad or post for that business.

Yet, these business owners, strategists, marketers, and content creators must continue to work towards satisfying the consumers and now, they can leverage the collective laziness of the people who they expect to reach.

The first thing you should know from this section is that in a world where consumers crave ease, anyone who can provide that ease will claim that market. In a world where user experience is expected to be extremely simplistic, anyone who can provide this for them will claim the market.

Now, the goal for you, as a business owner, strategist, marketer, or content creator, is to identify opportunities to simplify your business and you can claim the available and addressable market.

From creating systems that simplify the transaction process to creating pointers and indicators into your content to drive engagement, you have to dance to the tune of the consumer if you want them to spray you their hard-earned money.

There’s no magic to it.



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